"Good Boy Hunter" custom Horselington J.C. Rivera

A recently commissioned commission for KR forum member Hipnotiq, artist J.C. Rivera tackled the large task of decking out Ewokone's rad "Horselington" figure... and above is the result! J.C. tells us that "It was a lot of fun, and I was inspired to do a hunting theme by the posture and face expression of the Horselington." The added sculptural pieces, and mixed media used to complete this piece is perfect, and I really like how J.C. removed the sword and replaced it with the rabbit... nice touch! According to J.C. "Good Boy Hunter" is a man from the South that used to go hunting with his horse all the time. "After a freak accident while riding his horse and he was dying and his horse too. The only way to keep the man alive was by attaching him to his horse. He woke up 10 years after his accident to find a different world, infected with mutant creatures called "Frogulls". He goes hunting for the creatures and trying to exterminate them. He uses bunnies to catch the creatures." I am truly a fan of custom Horslengton's and this one by J.C. is right up there with one of my favorites! If you all dig the work you see here, J.C. is always open for commissions, so hit him up via his website HERE, and get a custom of your own!

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