2011 "Monster Mouth" ornament's from LYSOL

Brian A. aka LYSOL of Deadhand Toys just announced that he is releasing a few new custom creations this holiday season... and it's right up your alley if you dig monsters :-) Brian tells us "I've had this idea floating around for a couple years now and though it was about time I went ahead with it. I wasn't sure what material but after a liter research I decided that foam would be the best choice. Obviously solid resin would be way too heavy and I wasn't crazy about the idea of roto casting them by hand." So, he went ahead and created these rad looking ornaments... monster mouth ornaments if you will and he put them up for sale this past weekend... so unfortunately they are no longer available! He created two separate colorways, a red and green version and he sold them for just $15 each... a killer deal! Hopefully he will release more in the near future for those of us who missed buying them (and posting them up, sorry dude).

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