SuperoboAndroid "Avengers" series by Rotobox

The boys over at Rotobox never quit creating, and this time around they used their ever so versatile 'Celsius' figure to create an awesome set of super heroes... better known as the "Avengers"... and how fantastic did these turn out!?!?! These 4 pieces were on display during the 'Vinyl + Splash' event that was held last Saturday, November 26th, 2011 which by the way was a one day event... and I am almost certain these were the hit of the show, seriously amazing work! I really dig the way that they used the 'Celsius' wings to make Thor's helmet and that Iron Man figure looks awesome... I could almost see a production run of those being a HUGE success. What else is Rotobox up to... well, we all just have to wait and see, but I can guarantee it will be epic!

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