"JERK OF ART: The world's worst artist" resin action figure from the Super Sucklord

Well it looks like the Super Sucklord is up to his same sucky antics, and just posted up on his flickr site is something that no one in their wildest dreams would have expected to see... a resin figure of the man behind the mask, the un-altered ego better known as Morgan Phillips... in his chones nonetheless! This particular version is titled "Jerk Of Art" and is a most definite tongue-n-cheek response to his appearance on Bravo TV's "Work Of Art" reality show! There is no word on when this is going to release, or for how much, but I can guarantee you that it will sell out... and in the words of Sucklord himself "You're an a$$hole for buying this"!!! More updates when I get them... but keep your eyes on Sucklord's twitter feed HERE for up to date info!

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