Grody Shogun x Ferg - 'Young Gohst' teaser pictures

More Squadt news... and why not?!?! Remember our teaser post HERE.... well, we are getting the inside scoop from the man himself, Ferg, as he shares with us an awesome collab that is in the works with Luke over at Grody Shogun. Titled 'Young Gohst', these 3" toys will be made in Japanese sofubi out of various combos of clears/colors. The brain/brain-stem/tongue piece goes inside the figure and the tongue sticks out through a hole behind the teeth... an awesome idea!!!! Ferg goes on to tell us that the sculpting that you see above was done by the masterful Scott Wilkowski... and check out those turnarounds to the left, so sick!!!! More info is coming out very soon, so be on the lookout for them.

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