Designer-Con 2011: Zombiemonkie

D-Con is approaching fast... only 3 days away... and Mikie Graham is excited to unveil what he has in store for the show. This year for the first time ever Mikie will be splitting booth #208 with long time creative partners Blamo Toys. Along with the collection of custom toys that you would expect Mikie to bring with him, he has put together several surprises for the show. From a special release of his self made 40 page photobook, the sale of his remaining Z.A.P. figures, to an exclusive colorway of his newest Yokaiju resin figure "Chochinobake". The exclusive "Ectoplasmic GID green" edition is limited to only 5 in existence and will sell for a mere $60. As with the previous two Chochionbake releases, this colorway was designed, sculpted, and painted by Mikie and was graciously molded and poured by Motorbot of Deadbear studios- truly a great collaboration!

What else can you expect from booth #208? Well Mikie will be bringing a massive collection of open box mini figures to sell! That's right, this long time collector is trimming down his collection and getting rid of literally HUNDREDS of his personal display figures. These figures typically come without packaging but with prices ranging from $5-15, this is a great way for beginning collectors to pick up some old and rare Mini figures at a great price and without the hassle of blind box pulling.

Source[Zombiemonkie Press]

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