'Cupco Is Dead' - The final Cupco show

Woah... after reading this I am hoping that it's like one of those 'sports' retirements where the player retires and then he comes back 6 months later because a world with no Cupco is no world at all! Luke Temby states "After ten years and about one million stitches this will be my final exhibition of CUPCO dolls. The death of CUPCO. A celebration of life, death, rebirth. A collection of over 100 CUPCODOLLS some favourites and lots of new faces. PAEDOPHILES. BITCHES. SHITLER. GADAFFI. Also featured will be quite a few severed head soft sculptures.” So if in fact this is true, the final show is going down at Damien Minton Gallery this Tueday, November 29 2011 from 6pm – 8pm... there is going to be a ton of great stuff on display, making this show a must see!

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