Brandt Peters x FERG: Sneak Peek at TRIGGER

Brandt Peters and FERG are gearing up for their exhibition at Stranger Factory in January 2012 and we have our first look at what to look forward to! Aptly dubbed TRIGGER, the show will see the artists’ most iconic figures re-imagined in the other artist’s world. From the looks of it we can anticipate a steam punk approach from Brandt on his pieces (above sketches), while FERG hints that he's taking on the Trouble Boys. “There will be other special things as well,” FERG said on the Collect and Destroy forums. “My goal is to make a variety of cool stuff at a wide range of price points.” Translation: skip the holiday spending and hoard all your dough for this show. You’ll thank me. TRIGGER opens January 6th at Stranger Factory.

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