Latest "7 Bones" teaser from 3A

Early this year we had the chance to pick up the first of the 7 Bones from 3A. For those that might not recall, the 7 Bones were a chance from 3A to revisit some of the original style TK's but with a new twist. The first of the 7 Bones was Wasabi, released as part of the Tomorrow King classic line, a special release that is more reasonably priced, the classic's live up to their name.

This latest teaser shows a new twist on the Oyabun style TK. Oyabuns have the jacket and dual swords, and this new one (titled "8 Baller") really shows this design off. At first glance we can see it has the latest addition to the Oyabun style with the addition of dual packs at the front as well as the Sageo (traditional wrapping used to attach the katana to the belt) as was first seen with the retailer exclusive Pathfinder Oyabun. We can also see the use of the Baka slicer TK head and hair style. But the thing I noticed most was the color of this latest Oyabun (well also that grey sleeve on the jacket) which looks to be a grey skin tone usually reserved for a Interloper. Hopefully that will be seen in the final production style as it's a real treat for sure. This latest TK will sure to be a classic. This latest Oyabun style TK should be released in November at bambaland

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