"Dead Red Threaded" custom Qee by Carson Catlin

Check out this awesome custom Qee made by artist Carson Catlin who created this 8″ Toyer titled "Dead Red Threaded" as an exclusive for NYCC 2011. Carson, who works as an animator/designer for digital agency called VML, tell us that he "started with drawing out his cut and thread pattern, then went to town with a dremmil and an exacto. And then to ruff up the surface I used the dremmil with a wire brush attachment... the paint dried to a consistency of a tar like substance that cause some of the thread to look more grungy... It was a happy accident." Not only did the custom turn out great, but the photos you see above really dictate the mood... great stuff! He has 3 more customs coming for NYCC... I wonder what the theme will be for those!?!? In the meantime, visit his site HERE for updates.

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