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Custom Jesse Hernandez figure, of Jesse Hernandez

That's right folks, artist and super fan of Jesse Hernandez, Tony Gil went to the extreme and created one awesome custom of Jesse Hernandez... himself! Now we have seen a ton of custom artists try to emulate another artists style, but to go and create a custom of the artist behind the art... it's brilliant... and Tony did an amazing job capturing the essence that is Jesse by using an old "Russel" figure from the Kidrobot 'Gorillaz' series... the shirt, the tattoo, the long ponytail, the hat, the shoes... AWESOME! Tony brought this to Jesse's recent LIVE Dunny painting at the 'Artrageous' event at Aaron Brothers held, and according to Tony when he presented it to Jesse, he said “You know you're not going home with it right?” hahaha, classic! Needlesss to say, Jesse was stoked on this piece and he traded it for and original addition Ozomahtli. Tony still has one other custom 'Hernandez' figure but is planning on keeping it to himself! This actually gives me a good idea... why not make vinyl figures of artists in the scene, would you buy one?

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