Toy Karma III Rotofugi exclusive Greasebat and more from Monster Worship

Hey all you Monster Worship fans... it's time to get stoked because they just dropped some serious info as not only do they have a new limited edition painted colorway of the Real Fighting Greasebat vinyl figure inspired by vintage kaiju colorways of old that is cast in a orange vinyl, highlighted with Green sprays, with metallic Silver horns and Silver accent sprays... These will only be available exclusively at Toy Karma III show at Rotofugi Gallery opening on Saturday September 10th, 2011... but they also have some other exclusive releases for Rotofugi's Toy Karma III show!

What can you expect for the show... how bout a sick looking Toy Karma III Greasebat that features a "Red Rub"... which is cast in a red clear vinyl with a silver paint rub. Also up for grabs will be two different 'Altar Beasts'... first up is the "Moonlight" version which is black vinyl with a silver paint rub, and lastly is the "Earth A.B." version which is black vinyl with a green paint rub. So yeah... all you folks heading out to Rotofugi next weekend, have fun!

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