NKD NOZZEL S00? Squadt & Qpmnt Pac 4... dropping on September 5th, 2011

Woah... what's been teased at for quite some time now was the impending release of the next NKD Squadt figure packs... and Ferg just dropped the bomb with all the juicy details... and boy are they ever! The release for these is set for Monday Sept 5th at 12 noon CST... ow for the details! These are going to be up for grabs HERE for an open 48hour order period, and to make this fun for everyone 50% of those orders will include QPMNT PAC 4 as a bonus, and 15% will receive a BLUE GID Nozzel and include QPMNT PAC 4 as a bonus... AWESOME RIGHT!!!!

It appears that these will retail for $75 each (which includes shipping) and the NKD NOZZEL (top pic) stands 6" of pure GID vinyl and it comes with 3 sets of eye lenses, 2.0 arms (articulated) union suit with not so hidden tanto knife and as always a removable helmet. Where as the Qpmnt Pac 4 (bottom pic) includes two ski masks (one for Nozzel and one for Jack) sMac 10, Playge gLogo shirt, 2.0 arms, and a Duffel Bag... oh and Qpmnt Pac 4 will only be available through this release!!! I can see collectors buying up more than a few of these sets in hopes to snag those extras... kinda making it fun to complete their collections, and boy that GID Blue is going to be sought after!!!! Don't forget, this is all going down HERE on September 5th!

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