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New figure turnarounds from Smash Tokyo Toys... and it's not what you think!

We just got word from MattyBoomBatty of Smash Tokyo Toys that he is currently in the planning stages for a new figure, and above are the early turnarounds for it. This will be a Japanese vinyl mini about 4" tall called "STUPID NINJA" or maybe just "RALPH", and according to Matty this will be done in unpainted vinyl and released in Japan only. Although it appears to be a western influenced design it will have rough, scaled skin and will lose that dragon-esque look after that has been added. According to Matty "I wanted something original that wasn't just "another dinosaur"...this is an anachronism, where the f**k did a ninja and a dinosaur meet? It's also a nod to Captain Ahab and Moby Dick." I personally dig the dino... it's a strong looking figure, not completely sold on the ninja though. What about all of you, any suggestions for Matty? More on this very soon as these probably won't see the light of day until late 2012.

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