Arborobots Wave 2 from Cris Rose x Pepe

London Artist Cris Rose and Zurich Artist Pepe are back for their second wave of Arborobots... and just like last time each piece is handmade in Switzerland from Walnut, Cherry and Brass and very limited. Ramble, the larger bot, is coming in single and two-eyed variants, where Roam, the smaller robo, with one big brass eye. This second wave includes the last 5 of the 10 Roams in this wood combination, and a one-eyed Ramble with Medi-kit accessory. There are just 5 x 2 packs that include both figures and accessory! There is another single, 1/1 painted "Pink and Grey Driftwood" Ramble, crafted by Pepe and painted by Cris Rose as well as some framed original Polaroids of the pair. These are set to go on sale tomorrow at 6pm London HERE where the Ramble + Roam 2 Packs will retail for $175 + shipping from Switzerland, the Pink Driftwood Ramble (1/1) is $225 + shipping from UK, and the framed TIP Polaroid in 12" frame (1/1) is $50 + shipping from the UK! Some serious craftsmanship in each of these figures... so be sure to snag em up!

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