J★RYU x Angry Woebots "Rucky Bam Boo!" functional resin sculptures revealed!

We got some very special photos and info for all you guys today as Angry Woebots and J★RYU have teamed up to release a very exclusive functional art piece together titled "Rucky Bam Boo" or as I like to call em' PandaPots :-) What you see above is a 1-off for Woes "Gruesome Smiles" solo show that opened at Art Whino Gallery tonight. This entire piece was hand sculpted, cast and poured by Jesse aka J★RYU as well as embellished with some weathering, and then handed over to Woes to put the finishing touches on his pandas.

I really like seeing the different mediums/functions being applied by these artists, and the pieces is obviously functional because you can use the vase to hold bamboo, or other plants... which harkens back to Jesse's pieces he created for the 'Vinyl Roots' show at Dragatomi earlier this year! The good news is that there will be a limited edition available at SDCC 2011 next week of these same resin sculptures at booth #4929. It appears that the Army of Snipers is rolling stong these days, and with artists such as J★RYU, and Luke Chueh on board now... I can't wait to see other projects! Hit the jump for many more photos of this piece along with some WIP's!

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