Josh Taylor's "Mary & Birtram" from Plastic City

Last month we saw the quick sketch teaser HERE of the upcoming figure by Jermaine Rogers which is being released by newcomers Plastic City... and today we are getting another rad teaser, this time in 3D form of artist Josh Taylor's "Mary & Birtram" figure. Not much is known about this figure other than what was posted via the PC Twitter page, but what we do know is that this figure will be 10" tall and will also most likely include a Squid named "Birtram" as mentioned in a tweet from PC "We have to thank Josh for making such a great character. The back story is amazing...if you are into large squids destroying buildings."... and I don't know about you, but I am down for large squids destroying buildings :-) Josh is known for his very driven character art... especially of the female gender, and I am very anxious to see more of this. We did a little digging and found the painting you see on the left from Josh that has a Squid a character with brown hair, and 3 eyes... curious why they wouldn't show the face of this teaser... maybe the figure has 3 as as well :-) Who knows as this is all speculation from me at this point, but it's most definitely a little food for thought! More on this once it's revealed.

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