Toasterboy DIY from Mongartoys

We just received some great news about a new resin figure designed by Bandung, Indonesia based Erwin Cahyono aka theMongar... titled the "Toasterboy", you get the best of both worlds, breakfast, and resin :-) This figure was launched in December 2010 at HELLOFEST, a big animation festival and unique exhibition. This Toasterboy DIY series stands 3.5" tall with the toast inserted and about 3" without. Each Toasterboy figure comes with packaging, 2 pieces of toast, a manual, and is priced at only $15 a piece! This DIY figure has an open production, so feel free to make your own Toasterboy Army. If interested in snaggin one, contact Eriwn via themongar@gmail.com, for ordering and further info... how fun is this figure :-)

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