South Park "15th Anniversary Exhibition" with a sneak peek at a Kidrobot mini-figure line!

Following a series of tweets from kaNO this morning I became privy to an art show that has kinda flown under the radar... at least to me. It appears that this year is "South Park's" 15th anniversary celebration and Comedy Central has teamed up with Ron English, to curate a show allowing those artists invited to interpret South Park, and the characters in it! This actually opens TONIGHT, Monday, March 28 at Opera Gallery New York! It appears that they had a press opening a few nights ago and thanks to the folks over at Laughing Squid and Arrested Motion we have all the pictures you see above and below.

Ron English hand-picked 14 artists including: Travis Louie, Colin Christian, Sas Christian, Beau Stanton, Kid Zoom, Dave White, KaNo, Kathie Olivas, Clark Fox, Greg Craola Simkins, Mark Dean Veca, Lindsey Way, Naoto Hattori and Tristan Eaton. One of the really cool features of this exhibit is the addition of a mini-figure line which is being produced by Kidrobot... and as you can see, the initial figures look pretty great, and I can only imagine what is in store for this series as in one of the photos you can see Stan's dad sitting on his balls... GROSS! This exhibition will be on display at Opera Gallery New York through April 10.

Source[SouthPark Press]

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