3A released teaser pics of new TQ

Ashley Wood was supposed to head to HK this weekend for a special Bandai event but with the events in Japan unfolding his travel was nixed, that didn't stop him from at dropping a few teaser pics of his latest new TQ (tomorrow queen shown above). Of course the two things that draw the eye to this latest version are the sweet shotgun with proper black accents and the very tasty white bothead, sure to be a instant classic with fans. No word on drop date or price just yet but I'm sure more info will come soon. One item of note this looks to be a 3AA version of the standard TQ that's coming up. Both versions use the new Bothead (LW 53 Bothead)

Also word from Ash is that a app for iPad is coming soon with Entreat as well as some small catalogs we've seen. More info on that soon as well.

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