Toy2R presents Skelanimal Qees Artist Series Two

[PRESS] Following in the success of Series One with Chungkee and Marcy, this new assortment spotlights the Skelanimal characters Dax, Jack and Kit! Working directly with the Skelanimal creator Mitchell Bernal, Toy2R has once again put together a collection of hot artists to reinterpret the look and theme of the cute little dead darlings and present them on all new Qee figure platforms. Series Two includes designs by designer art toy favs - Voltaire, Lunabee, PO! (Patricio Oliver), Albert Art, Nick Z and Pocket Wookie. Also included will be classic B&W interpretations of Dax, Jack and Kit along with a couple of mystery chase figures. As always, each blind boxed Qee figure will include keychain attachment to carry your Skelanimal wherever you wish.

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