Joe Ledbetter's "Wrecks & Dazey" figures

Analog Playset and Joe Ledbetter are proud to present Wrecks and Dazey! This vinyl figure set marks Analog Playset’s first toy release, and these two characters from Joe were first seen gracing Motion City Soundtrack’s “My Dinosaur Life” album artwork. Wrecks is the lovably disturbed dinosaur, and his ever-present, unlikely companion Dazey the bee is his foil. The figures are available as a set, stand 6” and 3.5” tall, are limited to 700 pieces, and are releasing this spring. It's really so fantastic the leap from 2D to 3D that all of Joe's figures make... it's almost meant to be, and these look so cool... perfect for all Ledbetter fans out there! Oh and not too shabby of a first release for Analog Playset... congrats guys!


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