Jay222 x Plaseebo - Custom 'Night Gamer' set

Artists and customizer Jay222 has teamed up once again with Bob Conge of Plaseebo to create another awesome run of custom vinyl figures... and instead of using the Skulloctopus platform like they used last time HERE, Jay tackled Bob's epic 'Night Gamer' figure... and how rad are they!?!?! This ultra-limited NIGHT GAMER edition by Jay222 is an Edition of only six sets worldwide. There are two custom 6" high vinyl figures in each set. All of the figures in these sets are hand built customs by Jay222 that incorporate the original vinyl Night Gamer figure parts in each. NO TWO OF THE CUSTOM FIGURES ARE ALIKE / EACH ONE IS UNIQUE IN BOTH HAND SCULPTING AND PAINT. These are signed by Jay on the base of the feet.

This will be a will be a blind lottery. The sets are randomly numbered 1 thru 6 by Bob of Plaseebo where the first buyer will receive set #1, the second buyer will get set #2, and so forth. The edition will be offered via the Plaseebo web-shop HERE this Friday, February 18th, 2011 for $400 per set... and don't sleep on the release folks, the last set of customs from these two sold out FAST!!!

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