GID vinyl "Kondo" kaiju figure up for grabs!

If you have been diggin the updates on French artist Stan's "Kondo" kaiju figure like I have been, then you will be stoked to know that the GID one is up for grabs right now! Debuting at Tokyo's Winter Wonder Festival 2011 - which ended a few days ago - This figure was being showcased and there are a few “Glow in the Dark” Kondos left! If you’re interested in getting one, you can place a order by e-mailing futuristic@ankama.jp and please include your address in the email so they can send shipping info. When it's all said and done to get this piece sent to San Diego it ended up being 8010Yen or $97.00 shipped! Get on this deal folks... only a few are left! for more info, visit the site HERE!

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