"The Cardiovores" Papercraft by Collin David

Back in June of 2009 we posted up some really cool papercraft dubbed "The Squidulons" which were created by Collin David, and most recently he released a new version of this figure he is calling "The Cardiovores" which is a special Valentines Day'ish version. According to Collin these "appear once each year, and always travel in pairs. They are naturally attracted to those who are in love, as these couples are more delicious than others. Once their prey is captured, The Cardiovores consume them, heart first. Once replete with food, they slither back into the depths of the forest and burrow into their subterranean nests, keeping each other warm." These guys are really cool and if you look at the photo above you can see that if you make two of them, when placed side-by-side they make a heart shape with their tentacles... COOL! Best part about this... its FREE to download, just head on over HERE and click on the picture!

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