"The Squidulons" Series 1 Papercraft by Collin David

"The Squidulons" created by Collin David is a collection of papercrafts depicting a very curious universe. This is the first series which describes the arrival of Doctor Space and his robots, and those concerned parties who might have a problem with this situation. Below are bios and background info on each version and don't forget, if you dig these DOWNLOAD THEM now! This is an awesome series of really cool characters, but there is only one problem, now I want to see series two! Great job Collin, these look amazing!

Bios are from left to right (according to picture above)
Doctor Space
The mysterious inventor of the Woodbot Squadron lives in intense isolation. It's likely that he's from space, but his subtle manipulations of the world around him reveal little about his motivations or origins - but there's little doubt that he's at the center of things. What else has he created?

The Oakenbot
The first robot that emerged from the reclusive workshop of Doctor Space. Steam powered, possesses the ability of flight, and made of oak. He sat on the top of the local theater and spoke only one word, but spoke it repeatedly : 'soon'. He vanished during the night, but will likely reappear again.

The Mahoganybot
The third robot. Not even the Mahoganybot seems comfortable with his own presence. No one noticed him at first, but everyone felt the uncomfortable warmth and heard the low, low hum of the nuclear generator powering him. Unlike the other robots, he tried to intermingle with the townspeople, performing day-to-day actvities with a strange inaccuracy.

The Maplebot
The second robot hovered close to the ground and circled the town for months, first leaving black circles burnt into the grass, later carving a melted, glass-slick moat. It seemed like he was observing, recording, tirelessly watching the citizens... and just like the Oakenbot, he was gone, leaving a scorched trail back to the lab of Doctor Space.

The Green Hand
The genius Green Hand is also in the dark about Doctor Space and his robots, despite his own reconnaisance efforts. Whatever Doctor Space is doing, The Green Hand can't risk that it'll get in the way of his own plans. His own robots will surely turn the tide back in his direction.

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