"Warui Inu" the bad blue dog

It's been a long time coming, and this mysterious figure that we were getting fed little bits of info here and there is now ready to fully reveal himself as well as how YOU can pick one up for yourself! The "Warui Inu" will be offered by email lottery. This big blue dog stands 7" tall and 4" wide and is made of cast resin. How many of them are there... only this one of a kind blue and purple handpaint is available, and it will come with a concrete block, metal chain, and color art header card for $250. Now I bet all of you are wondering "How can I get my mitts on that" well... just email your name and address to: kaijucoup@gmail.com to enter the lottery to purchase Warui Inu. The winners name will be chosen at random on Saturday FEBRUARY 5th where then you can bring this pooch home!

Source[KaijuCoup Press]

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