Hybrid-Design 'Animal Friendlies' Graphics at Blik

Blik, the innovative maker of self-adhesive surface graphics, today announced a new graphic from Dora Drimalas, one half of the San Francisco-based design duo, Hybrid-Design. Animal Friendlies, is a collection of 34 small critters and creatures that can be layered together to make tiny, storytelling vignettes. Animal Friendlies will be added to the non-traditional design firm's line, at Blik. Hybrid-Design is the brainchild of husband and wife team of Brian Flynn (of Super7) and Dora Drimalas. The iconic critter characters crawl off the canvas and onto walls. Animal Friendlies is a "best of" Dora's iconic images including: Oma and Olaf Owl, Peter Pachyderm, Kitty Kaleidoscope, Ladies Day Out, Super Terrific, Bat Cave and Love is in the Air. Each set is only $40, a small price to pay to make your walls smile... you can pick them up HERE.

Source[BLIK Press]

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