"Golden Space" Fahrenheit production sample

Kuso Vinyl has posted up some pictures of a new Fahrenheit figure designed by Rotobox Vinyl Anatomica... and how cool is this Gold/Black version... LOVE IT! This figure measures 7" tall, comes with a really great flowing gold cape, and instead of coming with guns... Fahrenheit prefers blades (4 of them to be exact) which are kept in his blackboard accessory (not pictured) that doubles as a communication tool for him since he is mute. This version is a production sample, which still need some color tweaking... and according to Jonathan of Kuso, the release number is still up in the air! One of the really cool things that catches my eye about this particular version is, well... the eyes! The blank white eyes really have a piercing stare giving this version some serious attitude, and then pairing that up with arguably the coolest color combo out there... this figure is WIN! Look for more details to drop on this very soon... until then... enjoy the pictures.

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