Ferg's 'MEDIUM WAR' solo show @ Rotofugi Jan 14

There aren't too many shows lately in which I am really excited to see the pieces from, and wish I could be there in person... that being said, I am super stoked to see all the pieces for Ferg's upcoming solo show titled ‘Medium War’ which is being hosted at Rotofugi on January 14th, 2011! This is going to showcase a ton of custom designer vinyl figures with spot on precision craftsmanship where you would swear the pieces were production! Above is a simple teaser for one of these said pieces titled "Desert Gassed Scout"... and wow does it look good! We are about 2 weeks out, and if you can't wait that long... hit the jump for more pictures of customs for this upcoming show! Stellar work man!

2780 N Lincoln Avenue
Chicago, Illinois

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