"Croc X" from Amanda Visell

It has been a few years since we last saw Amanda Visell's "Croc" figure, in fact it was in 2008 when she released the first run of her "Never Smile at a Crocodile" resin figures for Disney's 55th Anniversary of Peter Pan. Now she is set to release 25 pieces of what she is calling "Croc X"... a mystery figure... but there are some stipulations you must agree to before buying. First up is that it is limited to 1 per person, per household, there is also no public sales, public sharing, public showing off, meaning that if you buy it you are agreeing to be part of the mystery... and the biggie... if the one you purchase pops up for resale or otherwise you will be blacklisted from future releases, so make sure you want to keep this, and seeing as the sale price is set at $999.00 you best want to keep it :-) Head on over HERE for complete details, and more importantly you will find that purchase button staring you directly in the face! Hit the jump to see the last release from 2008!

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