Toy Art Gallery presents "Metallic Machinations" a group custom art show 12/11/2010

Another HUGE show opening on December 11th in the Los Angeles are is the Toy Art Gallery "Metallic Machinations" show. This is a five-man international group show featuring the awesome works of Cris Rose, DrilOne, Phu, Jester and Rohby... and as of tonight there are a ton of preview online right now HERE, so go snag a piece before the show opens! These artists are bringing their "A" game with a wide array of customs and originals that are gritty, rusty, and most importantly, mechanical! “Metallic Machinations”'s opening reception is Saturday, December 11th 2010 from 7-11 PM, with music, drinks, a food truck, and more! As you can see for all the pictures above... this is going to be one heck of a show, be sure to make it out to see all these pieces in person!!

Toy Art Gallery
737 Seward St #1
Los Angeles, CA 90038

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