Sucklords "Monster" & "Police Plow" graffiti delievery trucks from TYO Toys

TyoToys is pleased to announce a very limited edition of Sucklords "Chinatown Seafood" delivery truck which was first unveiled at San Diego Comic-Con in 2010, this detailed die cast box truck captures the essence of the Sucklord himself... and now there are two new versions to add to your collection the "Monster" version and "Police Plow" both limited to only 10 pieces each and retailing for only $30 per unit! These, just like the other rad trucks, are 3.5" detailed die cast and plastic, solid-body construction, air-ride equipped, decal graphics on both sides and top... and just ooozzzeee pure suckiness... but that's a good thing! Pick them up HERE today!

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