*REVIEW* Skeleton "Cavey" from Holly Stanway

Cavey is a new plush toy coming to us from UK artist and designer Holly aka A Little Stranger. If you have never heard of Cavey... you must either be new to the designer toy scene, or have been living under a rock because these little plush creations have grown in popularity since the second half of this year! Each Cavey is handmade solely by Holly and they come in many breeds, each with their own unique personalities. Something about handmade anything is super attractive, it really shows the hard work and dedication put into each and every piece. Holly says that "The idea for Cavey came about from my love for my 3 pet guinea pigs, "The Punisher", "Lord Violence" and "The Lizardman". I just love their fat little bodies and shy nature." Holly sent over a special 1-off punk rock skeleton for us to review... and above is just that! Take a few minutes and watch the video then head on over to the Cavey site HERE and pick a few up for yourself! Thanks Holly... top notch stuff!

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