"Perry"," Alex", and "Kid" prototypes of 'The Wanderers' from Plastic Culture x Thunderpanda

Just revealed at last weekends very HUGE STGCC (Singapore Toys Games Comic Convention) was all three of the upcoming collaborations between Thunderpanda and Plastic Culture. We first showed off the initial sculpt of this new series called 'The Wanderers' where "Kid" the Lava Wanderer(right) looked like a fierce ball of angst and now posing in the picture along with Eric are the two other figures in this series "Perry" the Sea Wanderer(middle), and "Alex" the Forest Wanderer(left)! What we can tell from this picture above is that these figure are really big... in fact "Alex" stands a whopping 12" tall, and standing on his tentacles "Perry" stands 8" tall! These are set to release in limited numbers, and expect them to be under the $100 each! I am really enjoying the sculpts of these figures, and keep your eyes peeled for more info once it drops!

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