'Love Movement' art toy show 12/11/2010

LOVE MOVEMENT is launching today December 11th, 2010 in San Francisco which is an art show using vinyl toys to deliver the universal messages about love. Featuring the artwork of Shin Tanaka and Nao Shimojo, they sent blank versions of their character toys to over 50 artists around the world, including some who are also couples. The artists were asked to customize the toys with their designs and be part of the LOVE MOVEMENT. Each artist's interpretation is different from the next.

The finished works from Japan, America and Europe will be exhibited at SUPERFROG Gallery in San Francisco. Above there are a few examples from both TaskOne and Kirkland Jue! LOVE MOVEMENT is free and open to the public from December 11th through January 16th. Shin and Nao are flying in for the opening reception, which will feature original art toys and canvases, a Japanese beatboxer, live painting by Shin and animation by Shin & Nao. LOVE MOVEMENT is Shin & Nao's first major art show in the US. Check out the rad custom from Julie West below along with a setup shot and that massive artist list below!

Anne & Scott Wilkowski, Arbito & Snaggs, Ayumi Urayama, Ben The Illustrator & Fi O’Brien, Bert Gatchalian, Bob Conge, Brian Flynn & Dora Drimalas, Bwana Spoons, Chino, Chota Akatuki, Colin & Sas Christian, cozy robot & bonkydog, Devilrobots, Drilone, Dustin Cantrell, ECONECO & SAI, Emilio Garcia, Eriko Ito, Ferg, Frank Kozik, Gary Ham, Hiro Hayashi, Huck Gee, Jason Freeny, Jason Siu, Jermaine Rogers, Jon Burgerman, Jon Knox, Julie West, Kaijin, Kanna Inoue, Karogaro, Ko-Hei! Arikawa, Le Merde, LouLou & Tummie, Mark Nagata, Matthew Waldman, MCA, Mike Slobot, Mr. & Mrs. Leecifer, Nathan Jurevicius, Noferin, Phokos, Sally & Josh Handy, Satoshi Yoshioka, Scott Tolleson, SergeySafonov, Shin Tanaka, Sho Murase, Skinner, Superdeux, Skwak, TADO, Task One, Touma, Toybot Studios, WeAreObjects & A. Bamber, Yosiell Lorenzo, Yucachin, Yu Tihara, 460, and more.

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