Cookies N' Cream dropped the 1st wave a few months ago and they sold out in less than 30 mins. Now the 2nd wave of their Kings of Atlantis collaboration with Argonaut Resins is here. These will be dropping in a limited amount of only 5 pieces on Tuesday, December 14th, 2010. For this release they have some awesome colors including the: "Wealth King", "Sun King", "Vengeance King", "Forest King" and the "Sea King". One of the pieces is a glow in the dark skull but they are keeping that a secret :-). All the Kings of Atlantis will come with a blind boxed Talisman magnet and also a certificate of authenticity from Argonaut Resins. They will each also come in an incredible handmade package. These pieces are truly a collector’s item, from the piece itself to the packaging. They will retail for $100 each and will only be available via the CnC online shop HERE this Tuesday.

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