Grab a Mugo as a gift!

Mugo series 2 released a short while back, and for those of you who live under a rock :-), Mugo is a mash up of MP3 player, flash drive and art toy and for this second go-around they have new designs by Frank Kozik, Jon Burgerman, Travis Lampe, Scott Tolleson, Jim Koch and Patricio Oliver... all of which look rad!

Along with that release, there was also an awesome somewhat of a surprise release called the "Discover" series which featured artists who are not really "known" but are super talented and Aaron over at Mugo thought why not give them a chance... and wow do they look fantastic! If your looking for a functional/stylish gift this holiday season then you gotta get a Mugo! These collectibles are under $60, and each one can play up to 500 songs or store your personal data on its 2GB memory stick... and and you look good while your doing all of the above activities because each design is super fresh!

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