Genuine Artikle's "Almight Dunny Show" re-cap at Halcyon and relaunch on 12/18/2010

Riding high on their debut at the flagship launch of the "The Almighty Dunny Show" Genuine Artikle is taking the show down at Halcyon and moving the entire show back to their home base for the re-exhibit of all these amazing custom 3" Dunnys! This is going down on Saturday the 18th, from 8-10pm where not only are there going to be some amazing customs, but all merchandise will be 25% OFF in store only.

Artist and participant in this show Ashley Hay was on had at the opening of the last event and took some of the rad photos you see above, and in the slide show. Be sure to hit the jump for more photos and also visit the Genuine Artikle site HERE as they have all of these customs up in their online store!

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