Frank Schaefer’s 2011 Urban Vinyl 3D Calendar

Frank Schaefer Urban Vinyl Photo Calendar 2011 in 3D is the world’s coolest 3D Calendar of the Urban Vinyl Art Movement. Opening to 11 x 17 inches you get 13 months of the Coolest Photos of the Best Urban Vinyl Artworks not just in the old fashion 2D photos Your Momma does, but in Glorious Mind Blowing 3D like you’ve never imagined. All without expensive glasses or scientific instruments! Not only do you get 14 Fabulous 3D Photos but you also get to celebrate 65 of your favorite Urban Vinyl Artist’s Birthdays, as well as random holidays, and historic events... this calendar has it all! These are available via Frank's Ebay store HERE for $20 or you can get them directly from him by emailing Frank at frank2020@earthlink.net... this is an awesome way to start out the new year, so go buy one for yourself and for your friends!

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