Doktor A’s "Humphrey Mooncalf" revealed

It wasn't but a few weeks ago Pobber Toys released the latest teaser of Doktor A's "Humphrey Mooncalf" figure, and now thanks to the great Dok himself all has been revealed via the Circus Posterus forums... and wow does this figure look impressive! Dok states "Humphrey Mooncalf had a reoccurring problem with his Travithick No. 4 Nano-clockwork brain. Repeated trips to the watch-smith proved a great success. The pain held at bay by loosening his cranial rivets. This however means that he can no longer look up. Such a shame, as he does so love the moon." This proud looking character stands 8" tall and has a removable top-hat with brain attached... what a sweet design. We are seeing the above as the "Verdigris" weatherd version, but keep those eyes peeled for many others to come at a later date. Pretty pumped on this figure as I am sure most are. Congrats goes out to both Pobber and Dok for creating such a fantastic, whimsical piece!

Source[Circus Posterus via Vinylgoddess]

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