Clear green 'Le Turd' along with a Mint Green 'Milton' & 'Fenton' from Super7

Super7 continues to roll out the delicious vinyl treats... literally as they are dropping two new Candy Kaiju colorways of their very popular Milton and Fenton in a rad new Mint Green Pearl vinyl with white and metallic green sprays! These figures stand around 3" tall and will retail for $15 each. Not to be outdone by those treats, and fending for himself is a new colorway of Le Merde's "Le Turd" figure coming in a beautiful translucent green vinyl with red, yellow, white, dark blue and silver sprays, which is going to retail for $30! All 3 of these vinyl figures are set to drop on December 4th, 2010 at 11am PST via online and in store.

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