"Death Dealer" custom Munny & OG sculpt by f+

Once again... prepare to be blown away by another fantastic custom that Josh "f+" Pearce completed! This piece was for an art show at the Screaming Sky Gallery in Portland, Oregon as part of a local artist showcase. The piece is inspired by one of Josh's favorite fantasy paintings of all time, Frank Frazetta's "Death Dealer"... and I too am a super fan of this, and to be frank about Frank, I am sure he has inspired soooo many people over the years, and unfortunately he passed away earlier this year, so Josh thought it would be cool to honor him in vinyl with an homage to his work... needless to say if Frank was still alive I am sure he would appreciate this!

Josh states that "I tried to paint the figure like Frank painted, a bit looser, a bit more painte-rly" and he also took it upon himself to sculpt the horse up from scratch, something that he says he has not done in a long time. The piece itself turned out fantastic and if your digin what you see you can snatch it up HERE from the gallery! Also, for more shots, visit Josh's site HERE, great job man!

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