Cris Rose's Sprogs "Series1" release...

So now that some time has passed I can share the new with you all... and if your a Cris Rose newsletter subscriber you already know about this, and have probably already placed your order (yet another reason to sign up if you have not... 24 hours in advance to purchase) The first edition of Cris' Sprogs is upon us, and are set to release on Monday October 11th at 18:00 London time.

There are 6 different Sprog designs, each with their own personality and approach to things... which are all hand made and cast by Cris himself! I really can't promise there will be any available when the release drops because as of earlier this morning he had only a handful left! These are super limited and the next release he drops will be 6 new sculpts but don't fret because these original 6 will return for sure and more sculpts are to come as well! They are going to retail for $32 per blind box, or $160 for the full set of 6. Check his store tomorrow HERE for up to date details and best of luck on these amazing resin robots!

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