Artist Edition Yo-Yo #5 by Jeremy Madl aka MAD

The Steve Brown Gallery has just announced its latest release of limited edition artist Yo-Yo's, this time they teamed up with Kansas City based artist Jeremy Madl aka MAD, featuring a newly designed "Biker Zombie" character that was seen first at the Art Hustle #2 show (image on the left), and just like the previous releases these amazing designs are laser engraved into a nice maple blank from YoYo Factory. This release is going to be limited to only 50 pieces worldwide, and will never be manufactured again. These are set to drop on September 23rd, 2010 for only $15 a pop, so set your alarms, mark you calendars, tie a ribbon around your finger so you remember this is going down, because just like the previous releases, this will sell out without a doubt!

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