Plastic & Plush "Jade" Tuttz wave 2

And it begins... the second round of resin Tuttz figures from Argonaut Resins has hit the ground running and the first batch goes out to Plastic & Plush with their exclusive "Jade" version, but unlike the first release Eric from Argo went above and beyond detailing these much more that the first round where he also gave each version a distinguishable name including: "Hellion", "Jade Tint Underworld", "Fireball", "Clear Tint", "Jade Clear Tint", and "Jade Tint". These will be made available for sale on next Thursday August 12th 2010 at 8pm EST. They'll be packaged blindbox style this time around. And you can pick one up for $55.00 plus $10 shipping US ($20 international shipping) in the Plastic & Plush shop HERE, and don't sleep on these as this will be the last of the Jade exclusives.

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