"Mustache Panda" Baby Square Bear from Kat Brunnegraff

We posted about these lovable plush creations from artist/designer Kat Brunnegraff , and now the Baby Square Bear's have a new addition to their family... the "Mustache Panda"! This just like the others measures 5" tall and is made of custom printed fabric, meaning you get nothing but quality here! Kat says that ""Mustache Panda's are the most proper of all the pandas. They always feel the need to be dressed up just in case they get asked on a date. They love to go out to eat with you, and have their pictures taken, they especially like to eat sushi and frozen yogurt." I am starting to think that this sounds alot like our friend from across the world Podgy Panda, as he may have influenced her to make this from the picture to the left... who knows :-) What i do know though is that you can pic these up right now HERE for only $10 a pop!

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