JonPaul Kaiser's 8" Zombie Pirate Qee - Sail Ho!

Yarrrrrr, what is a pirates favorite fast food restaurant? Arrrrrrrrby's! Okay, now that I got that ridiculous joke outta the way, I am happy to announce the release of yet another fantastic black-n-white design by JonPaul Kaiser as his 8” Zombie Pirate Qee is ready to sail that seven seas, and to eat BRAINS! Toy2R is really utilizing JPK to their fullest potential, and this new 8” Qee looks awesome! I mean come on... Pirates and Zombies, it really does not get any better unless you wrap them in bacon! This Zombie Pirate Qee will be limited to only 500 pc worldwide and will retail for $65. Look for these to drop online and at your local vinyl shop soon!

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