Free Goodie Friday 8/13/10 on SpankyStokes.com featuring a WeKillYou x Jay222 custom collab

Who's ready for another Free Goodie Friday... I know I am... and today we have an extra special one thanks to two of the most amazing artists/customizers out there, We Kill You and Jay222, as they have teamed up on their first ever collab together... and thought of all YOU GUYS, so here we go with an awesome giveaway. This figure that they created is completely hand-made and is the only one in the world! It stands a lil over 5" tall, with the body being cast in resin by WKY, and the head and arms sculpted by Jay222 with ample amounts of paint giving this humanoid one-of-a-kind features.

Now there is only one problem - this guy does not have a name - and that is where all of you come in... to enter leave a comment below telling us an appropriate name for this fellow, and WKY and Jay will pick the best entry. We also have some runner up prizes like a shirt and some Jay222 prints... to get one of those use your Twitter account and entering this text "Free Goodie Friday over at SpankyStokes.com http://bit.ly/bv3VaX thanks to @wekillyou & @jay222toys #WKJA PLS RT to enter!" You can just copy and paste the above quoted text, without the quotes of course :-) Good luck to all that enter, and please continue to support We Kill You and Jay222 by visiting their sites, and buying their products! The winner will be announced as soon as the guys pick their favorite name, thank you for your continued support!

Thanks to all that participated... we had over 70 total entries in a 24hour period... you guys ROCK HARD!!!! Jay and WKY picked a winner based upon the amount of time spent into their entry and the name is just classic as it stands so congrats to Moody_Doom and his entry "Lefty Tempura"... great stuff! We also picked a few runner up's so congrats to Dxxe for the entry "Thelonius Crustaclaw", and to Kevin Gosselin and his entry "Percy Greenfeet"... but don't fret if you didn't win... I got another giveaway ready to go, so keep your eyes on SpankyStokes.com, and thanks so much again for participating!

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