Brandt Peters Squadt with a Tommy-Gun...

Posted up with teasers HERE and HERE we are teased today by Ferg once again with yet another puzzling picture of Brandt Peters X FERG upcoming Squadt release with Playge being called "Squadt: TROUBLE BOYS"! Now what I am unsure about is what version gets a Tommy-Gun as we have seen "Big-Sleep or No. 23", and another version with a hat. Brant previously stated about this series "The idea behind the project was based on the 1930s "Hard-boiled" slang term "Trouble Boys" which was another name for gangsters. So far the line up is 3 characters??? and they will be based on my take of hitmen/gangsters through the ages. In the true Squadt formula, there will be fashion,accessories and weapons -- but with a Brandt twist... ". Each picture that gets released has me more and more IN on this release... I wonder what's next?

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